I am an artist and fashion designer who loves illustration and painting. My recent professional experience is in Digital Communication, Branding, Content Creation and Social Media Management as well as Editing and Translation. I also count with experience in Production and Communication of fashion events as well as participating in the Design and Styling of collections, Trend Research, Image Consulting and Visual Merchandising for various brands and designers. I went to Art School in Bogotá, Colombia and Fashion Design school in Italy and have also lived in Scotland as well as France.

I've worked with brands and companies on their digital content as well as on printed media, researching on new means of merchandising and branding. I have several years of experience in content production and copywriting for digital platforms such as web, e-commerce and social media as well as in production and communication in fashion events, the design process and styling of collections, trend research and image consulting for various brands and designers. Since 2016 I started working on the design and branding for the hospitality industry as well as branding for corporate gifts and many other ideas for businesses looking for a creative approach to their communications.

I have a bag and accessories line called Colombialoba inspired by urban experiences and produced completely in Colombia by women with low resources who work from home. I am proud to be self-taught in many aspects of my career and thereby am hardworking and a fast learner. Completely fluent both written and spoken in Spanish, English and Italian, currently learning Dutch!